Modern styles of music - part twoAmbient, in English – ambient, enveloping. In music this term was introduced by Brian Eno . The story goes as follows – Eno got to the hospital, where he spent quite a long time bedridden, and at some point he discovered that as a result of either fatigue, or weakness due to bolezni that his attention was on some airheads. Quite suddenly he realized that he perceives noises outside the window of his chamber, like some kind of music – echoes of the sounds of the city are intertwined in the likeness of melodic patterns. He began to experiment with this – listened, mingled in his imagination with something else. After discharge from the hospital, he went back to work,and began to experiment with a tape recorder. He put the microphone into the yard, wore it and recorded a variety of environmental sounds, but no rain, no thunder, etc. has been done, namely some echoes of flowing life. All this he was treated, mixed and reduced. The resulting soundscapes resulted in the end in a series of works called Ambient. So in the 70-ies, in the music coined the term Ambient. Definitely worth to distinguish between classical and electronic ambient. At least that has created Brain Eno rightly be considered a classic ambient.

If the ancestor used the noises of life around him and a bit of acoustic instrument sounds, modern ambient is crosnoe the use of electronics. If you hear a slow, calm and enveloping electronic music in the complete absence of rhythm, it is very likely it can be attributed to ambient music. Tagusa electronic passages can draw the melody. Noise soundscapes can complement the overall picture to create a special musical guest. Distant gurgling, scraps of phrases, researcii, all this is very often present in ambient music.

Someone who creates and develops this music these days, especially worth noting is the label Fax Records, which is headed by Pete Namlook (Pete Kuhlmann) . This label has gathered in its ranks quite a number of talented musicians involved are actually very different music. Pete Namlook almost done with all of them to make a joint album (Terre Thaemlitz, Geir Gennsen, Johan Sharp, Tetsu Inoue, Oliver Lieb, Richie Hawtin, Bill Laswell, Klaus Schulze, Steve Stoll), in addition to his solo, as well as a small number of solo albums of his colleagues on the label – Redeye, Tetsu Inoue, Daniel Pemberton, David Moufang, Robert Musso, Oscar Sala . The number of discs released by gets to 200, and it should be noted that all of them in one way or another deserve attention.